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The workshops are suitable for newcomers to burlesque as well as those with experience. Lou aims to make them an enjoyable way to express yourself through a fun and sexy form of dance with more than a hint of tongue in cheek


Lou Safire offers you the chance to unlock the secrets of burlesque and find the performer within. 

Taking some of the key moves in the burlesque repertoire, and working with all elements of this spectacular performance art, Mx. Safire shows you how to create a unique stage presence and performance.


Expect fun, laughter and a few surprises.


Teaching you the dos and don'ts, gesture, facial expression, movement, props and costume.  Customised and developed individually to create a routine  to wow an audience.

By the end of the workshop you're sure to be a diva in the making.



What should I wear?

Feel free to glam up as much as you like, but wear something you can comfortably move around in. For footwear bring high-heeled shoes or bare feet.



Lou will also offer his famous "Safire Challenge", where you can bring any item of clothing along and challenge him to show you how to remove it in a sexy way!




Ever wanted that perfect beat, but make-up beats you?


Well, now you can learn the tricks of the trade of stage make-up to get that perfect appearance from none other than, “the queen of contouring” Lou Safire!!!!


He will teach you how to do your make-up to a flawless standard, without that cost!



*** contouring ***

*** eye makeup ***

*** drag ***

*** specical fx ***

*** glamour ***

*** avant-garde *** 

Whether you are a beginner or just brushing and tightening up your skills or adding new moves to your repertoire, Lou Safire will teach you the proper techniques for holding and dancing with fans plus all the essential movements needed to create your very own fan dance, along with unconventional techniques that will give your fan work that special wow factor. 

Made famous by Sally Rand, an elegant dance and visually beautiful, ostrich feather fans 'hide and reveal', teasing your audience and focusing their attention on illusions and the hopes of exposure. 










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