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Here is a list  of Lou Safire's main acts you will see performed across the globe. These acts are  not only a high standard  of performance  in Burlesque, sideshow and Drag,  but also the costuming, the make up and effort put into each act to leave the audience mesmerised and wowed.

The Hunt

An homage to the Pagan ritual, The Great Hunt. 


In a stunning cascade of white and ornate armour, Lou Safire teases and captures the audience in a Neo-Traditional  bump'n'grind performace.

Photography by Bichard


The Milky Bar Kid

What ever happened to the Milky Bar Kid? 
They're strong and Tough, and only the best is good enough! you never forget the great taste thats is... Lou Safire



This multi-award winning neo burlesque striptease can be altered to suit different events.......

*including assels....

*ending in fire performance, including Lous signature fire assels.....or,

*PAIN IN THE GLASS - ending in Lou performing his amazing broken glass routine 



The lust for things dead smokin hot!



Eloquently fierce Pasodoble-que reverse strip

The Tale of how Maleficent because the Mistress of Evil.


Needles and Pins

Pins and needles is a sensation that can be both uncomfortable and pleasurable.
This sideshow performance is just that! 



Everyone has an angel, a guardian that watches over them. You can't know what form they will take. Don't let appearances fool you, they can be fierce as any God.

An act created for Cabaret Roulette. This tells the tale of how the old Gods were made to believe they were unhinged by  mortal folk and weren not really gods.

remeber though, there is a higher power in all of us!

photography by JME Photoart


Black Swan

This multi award winning act is a  beautiful take on Swan lake An enchanted fan dance on ballet pointe!

Photgraphy: Cherry Bomb Rock


The Maquis De Sade

A Tribute to the Mother of Neo-Burlesque Camille 2'000

Retouched DSC_3516.jpg

Sally Rand

A tribute to Sally Rands Classic Sn Dance, but not quite as it was at the 1932 worlds trade fair! 


Bath Time Escape

Bath time can be sexy right? 



Divine Filth!

A tribute to the late, great Dreamlander Divine and the Pope of Trash  John waters.  

How can anyone be filthier than Divine?!



IIt's sometimes easy to forget that there is real person behind the persona we see on stage, and that we all deal with our own insecurities, body issues, and constant judgment!

This award winning act serves to prove we are all beautiful in our own way!  We are not just our skin!


Lady Voldemort

When Hermione Granger has had enough of her friends she turns to the Dark Lord for insperation.

This Drag act is jam packed with fun, fierness, costume reveils and  one hell of a lip sync.

The question is....Who's side are you on?

Photography: Cherry Bomb Rock



Circus, Sideshow, tease and tassels,  what more could you want?



When you have a truly exceptional relationship with  your sister! 


A comedy double act with Pinkie T'boo.  This is their take on a clasic Drag Queen Duet number.

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