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Show producers Lou Safire and Domino DeVile have been at the forefront of event production since 2010. Not only spearheading the cabaret revival in Ipswich with The Cheeky Devils Club, but they have also produced shows in Norwich, London, and Blackpool, in addition to hosting comedy nights, drag shows, and corporate events nationwide. They consistently bring top-tier performers from around the world to each event.


“Absolutely fantastic night every time. I tell everyone about it and insist they NEED to go!” – Tony Squirrel, audience member, Ipswich


In association with Twisted Monkey Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, The Cheeky Devils Club has enjoyed continuous success, boasting growing audience numbers and a reputation for delivering consistently strong and professional entertainment. The show has flourished, bringing outstanding nationally and internationally recognized performers to its stage. Notable acts have included boylesque and singing sensation Dave the Bear, Canadian burlesque comedian and producer Vivacity Bliss, showgirl sweetheart Bettsie Bon Bon, Queen of Queerlesque Rubyyy Jones, and Mr. Boylesque Australia Charlie D. Barkle.


"From the beginning, each show has been a resounding success, attracting not only local community members but also audience members traveling from as far as Wales to see what all the excitement is about!" – Lou Safire, Producer


Each show features a fresh and exciting lineup designed to entertain a diverse audience. Performances range from burlesque dancers and mind readers to hula hoop artists and fire performers, ensuring a variety-filled show with something for everyone to enjoy.


“You guys were AMAZING! I had a fantastic time, and each of you was incredible. I would love to see you all again. Keep up the great work!” – Sacha Gray, audience member, London

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